Second Skin

Second Skin
When you have a love affair with clothes, it’s truly like a real love relationship. It’s not always good, it’s not always happy and it’s definitely not always easy. 
I’ve argued with my closet for what seems like years. Days where I can’t find anything that feels good, nights where I swear I don’t own anything to go out in. Clothes are a give and take, our physical bodies are a give and take. You have good day and you have bad days. The older I get and the more I realize that the truer I am to my style the truer I am to myself and the more at home in my own skin I feel. 
I actually love nothing more then loving a piece so much I wear it day in and day out. Sometimes I even sleep in it then toss on a pair of jeans when I wake up and go. That’s what I love about Tucker. It’s livable. I want everyone to own those pieces that you can count on and that get you. 
Cotton tees will always be there. 

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  • So True! Qualities such as natural cottons add to the softness and comfort of clothing – particularly those worn closest to the skin :) My husband wears your tees and I often steal them as I just love the feel of them.


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